Glenmorangie, Livingston, Edinburgh, Scotland (MML Ltd, LVMH Group)

 The new Glenmorangie bottling plant in Livingston, Scotland, became fully operational in October 2010, after an eighteen month design and build project undertaken as part of restructuring of the manufacturing Operations.

 Chemical Engineering consultancy Allen Associates who designed the new plant were aware of the unique operating method of the Whirlwind System and the impressive product recovery rates it could achieve, so this project provided the ideal platform to incorporate the technology.

 Installation and testing of the Whirlwind System took place during final stages of the plant build with final commissioning taking place along side final plant completion.

 The Whirlwind System is used to recover across all of the lines in operation from tanker delivery to the bottling line filler. The Engineering Manager Chas McEwan has readily taken onboard the new technology which is used several times daily in various parts of the plant.

 Julia Blair, Glenmorangie Project Engineer summarised: ‘Delivery commitment and testing timeline were both adhered to by Aeolus, and since commissioning and going into full operation we are very pleased with the performance of the Whirlwind System. Through use of the clearing phases we are able to recover near enough, if not all, of the product from the pipe lengths, which as well as minimising waste also protects the integrity of our products.’



Halewood International, The Sovereign Distillery, Huyton Business Park, Liverpool, UK
Halewood International is the UK’s largest independent drinks manufacturer, with
a portfolio of over one hundred products across a range of wines, beers, perries and spirits.
With a motto of ‘Think big, work smart’, and growth based on innovation, creativity and energy it’s reassuring that the engineers thought the Whirlwind technology innovative enough to have a system installed at its Huyton plant in 2006.
The system is used to recover product from pipelines running from the base of the blending tanks through to the fillers on two of lines in the plant.
‘With the diverse range of product and the volume of bottles that are filled in the Bottling Hall it is really important the bottling lines are thoroughly cleared as quickly as can be before cleaning’ said Richard Taylor (Bulk/Process Manager) of Halewood. ‘The Whirlwind System is ideal for this purpose. Given the cost and duty value of our products it is essential that we recovery as much as possible using a method that doesn’t affect the product in the process. The recovery yields have been noticeably improved since installation and the system has been proved as reliable. The installation and operation of the system is very straightforward.’


Orchard House Foods, Corby, Northants, UK


Over the past twenty years and from its origins of freshly squeezed orange juice, the product range supplied by Orchard House Foods has grown into a wide range of fresh fruit based products.


In 2005 Aeolus installed a Whirlwind System at Orchard House Foods Corby site, for purposes of product recovery and waste reduction.


‘Given the batch sizes that we use and number of change over’s needed we make frequent use of the Whirlwind System to clear and recover product from the lines’, said OHF Project Engineer Ian Aunger.


Ian continued ‘We call on the system on average eighty times a week, which over the five year period since we’ve had the system means we’ve used it approximately sixteen thousand times to date. Multiplying that number by the savings made per each recovery means that the system has had a very significant positive financial impact since installation. From an operational perspective its purely a matter of pushing a button, its reduced change over time, and the system has run pretty much maintenance free since the first time it was switched on’.